Ceasons Holdings - Dallas Rehab Loans and Hard Money Loans

Below are some examples of hard money deals that Ceasons Holdings recently funded.

SFR-Cash out Loan in Dallas:
$193,000 Loan
Borrower owns 2 investment Single family projects in Dallas/Ft Worth market that are unencumbered, and is seeking capital for new investments

Duplex Purchase Loan in Ft Worth:
$100,000 Loan
Borrower  purchased and renovated a vacant duplex, in Ft Worth. He was able to obtain funds to purchase, renovate, and then lease the property

SFR- Cash Out Loan in Dallas/Ft Worth:
$460,000 Loan
Borrower bought a pool of single family investment properties with all cash. Ceasons Holdings provided used the properties as collateral and provided a cash-out loan, so that borrower could purchase additional properties.

SFR- Purchase Loan in Dallas:
$130,000 Loan
Borrower could not get an extension from seller and needed to close fast.

CASH OUT LOAN-Commercial Office in Dallas:
$150,000 Loan
Borrower owns an office building free and clear and need to access capital for another project.

Retail-Cash-out Loan in Dallas:
$193,000 Loan
Borrower needed to refinance his current and obtain some money to renovate the retail space so that he could lease to a new tenant.