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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions or concerns about our services that are not answered below, please contact us.

Which types of properties do you lend on?
Residential Investments and Commercial properties (Apartments, strip center, office, warehouse, etc).

We do NOT lend on owner occupied single family residences.

Where do you lend?
We lend on residential properties only in the Dallas area.
We will lend on land and commercial properties throughout the state of Texas.

What is the loan-to- value criteria for your loans?
We will lend up to 65% loan-to-value based on our evaluation.

How long is the loan?
The loan term is 12 months. We also allow for our loans to be renewed and extended for an additional 12 months, pending loan is current and market is stable.

What are your loan amounts?
Typically, we can lend between $75,000-3 Million

How fast can you close my deal?
From the time a complete application and all due diligence items are received, 5-7 business days is normal

Does the loan include repair money?
Yes. All of our rehab loans include the funds to repair your property, which will be escrowed, and released on a draw upon completion

Do I have to bring any money to get a loan?
Yes. On all of our purchase-rehab loans, we typically require the borrower to have at least 15% of their own funds in the deal.

Do you loan on commercial properties?
Yes- we lend on apartments, office buildings, strip centers, warehouse, etc.

Is a survey required?
Yes- a survey is required prior to closing.

Can I take cash-out of my property?
Yes. We do provide cash-out loans.

Do you look at my credit score?
Yes, we have credit minimums.