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Dallas Tidbits

Claimed by Spain, France and later Mexico and wrested by American settles, Dallas was originally populated by the Caddo people a confederation of several Southeastern Native American tribes. In 1941 John Neely Bryan established the permanent settlement known today as Dallas. It was incorporated formally in February 1856 and is a center for banking, telecommunications, commerce, energy, computer technology and has the third largest concentration of Fortune 500 companies. Rising in prominence from an economic base driven by oil and cotton, it has morphed into a strong industrial and financial world hub.

With the Boll Weevil, a beetle, ravaging cotton crops in the southeast, cotton farming moved west. The extreem heat in Texas stopped the Boll Weevil. Fuelled by the massive Ogallala Aquifer cotton farming fueled by the massive Ogallala Aquifer flourished in Texas. Dallas was the main railroad hub to the hungry mills in the Northeast. Dallas seemed to be spared the hardships of the Great Depression. In 1930 Columbus Marion "Dad" Joiner struck oil in Kilgore Texas, a mere 100 miles east of Dallas. With the oil boom, Dallas became the financial hub for the Texas and Oklahoma oil industry. Over production and falling prices finally caught up and by 1931 the city had a work-for-food program.