Ceasons Holdings - Dallas Rehab Loans and Hard Money Loans
Dallas hard money loans
Dallas investment loans

Ceasons Holdings - Dallas Rehab Loans and Hard Money Loans

The loans that we fund are also commonly referred to as:

-Investment Loans
-Rehab Loans
-Hard money Loans
-Residential Investment Lender
-Commercial Lender
-Cash Out Loans
-Fix and Flip Loans
-Private money Loans
-Bridge Loans

The goal of our rehab hard money loans is to provide funding for investors to acquire and repair distressed property.

Dallas Residential Rehabs and Investment Lender
Ceasons Holdings is a Dallas hard money lender.

We provide short term financing for real estate owners and investors that need funding quickly.

We help investors acquire and rehab investment properties in Texas, with asset-based Dallas hard money loans.

Ceasons Holdings funds cash out loans on investment properties - residential, commercial, and land.

Loans- $75,000-3 Million

Ceasons Holdings funds loans that banks and other traditional lenders cannot.
We are a family owned and operated Direct Hard Money Lender, based in Dallas, Texas.

Call us to discuss your project. Speak with Direct Lender at 469-233-0450

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